Soolip - The Brand

soo(•)lip (soo'-liˇp): 1. a place where beauty and inspiration are a part of every day 2. Chinese; one’s life destiny is to seek wisdom 3. Wanda’s middle name

Soolip is a modern lifestyle brand responsible for establishing fine stationery and luxury paper on the fashion map. Founded by the innovative, beautiful and soulful Wanda Wen.

An admired brand with a strong point-of-view in the worlds of design, Soolip is the artisanal supplier preferred by celebrities and trendsetters of all that is tactile and sensual.

Soolip and its Co-Founder Wanda Wen are synonymous with inspired design, the modern blended with the handcrafted. Defining a new kind of luxury, one of time and slowing down for life’s simple pleasures. Soolip provides a sophisticated style of gracious living, rooted in simplicity, that is eco-conscious and joyful.